Raw Unprocessed Honey: Benefits


As the name ‘RAW HONEY’ clearly describes that it is pure and raw honey does not have sugar in it, except for the ‘fructose’: a simple sugar (monosaccharide).

Raw honey is very beneficial to us and also not available everywhere. The honey that is available in stores is pasteurized honey, that means it is exposed to extreme heat, which means it not only kills the unwanted bacteria but also kills the essential minerals in it.



  1. Contains many antioxidants Raw honey is a source of a number of antioxidants that are useful in many ways and even prevent the risk of heart strokes. It contains antioxidants that are present in many fruits and vegetables. It also protects our body from cell damage due to free radicals and also helps in ageing process. The free radicals are source of cancer and heart problems which can be avoided by raw honey.

    Even the research shows that antioxidants present in raw honey prevent and save us from many of the heart diseases.
  1. Antibacterial and antifungal propertiesResearch shows that raw honey contains anti bacterial and anti fungal properties. It kills most of the bacteria and fungus causing diseases in us. It contains hydrogen peroxide which helps in these properties. Its anti bacterial and anti fungal properties do vary on its quality but it is really effective in these features
  1. Healing the woundsManuka honey is greatly used in medical purposes in healing the wounds and tissues regeneration activities because it is an effective germ killer.  Also the manuka honey used in hospitals is of medical grade, meaning it is sterile and do not use the honey available from the stores for healing wounds.
  1. Helps in digestive issuesIt helps in treating the digestion issue and greatly used in treating problems like diarrhea. As there is not much work to show it but it treats helicobacter pylori which is the main cause of stomach ulcers
  1. Phytonutrients properties : Phytonutrients are the compounds present in the plants to prevent it from getting harmed like from insects and diseases. Due to presence of phytonutrients in honey it is used as immune booster and helps in avoiding big disease like cancer
  1. Helps in soothing the throat : It helps in soothing our throat. Having a cold? Try adding a spoon of honey into the tea and then feel its effects. It helps in killing the bacteria and also helps in fighting bacteria.

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