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Indian Saffron - Kashmir Origin

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Saffron, commonly known as ‘Kesar’ or ‘Zafran’ in India is the world’s most expensive spice. Grown in only three places in the world, this spice has numerous health benefits like improving arthritis, improving digestion, helping in kidney and liver problems, controlling cholesterol levels, etc. Kashmir’s saffron is considered to be the best saffron in the world and is called Shahi(Royal) Saffron. We grow our own saffron in the fields of Lethpora Pampore, making sure you get unadulterated, pure, and premium quality. 

About this item

  • Pearls Unmatched quality: Quality is our top priority at strands saffron as we are sourcing this from farmers who have been producing it ethically. Our vast clientele across the nation is the testimony of the pure Saffron kesar we provide. Strands Saffran (kesar) has a Delightful and Extravagant aroma which is the declaration of strands is the purest form of saffron. The total ash allowed is up to 15% as per the other Standard but our Saffron has about 1% only. Strands saffron is a proven anti-oxidant.
  • Multi-purpose saffron Saffron is a very versatile spice having many windfalls across the spectrum. Strands saffron is used in skincare, beauty treatments, Kesar face wash, saffron fairness cream, saffron soap, saffron oil, and also used as a fragrance ingredient. Kesar is also beneficial to reduce depression and anxiety. This enriched Kumkum is also very useful for growing kids and men.
  • An essential ingredient for Food, Beverages, and sweets Saffron adds luxury to our food. It is used in making various exotic desserts like phirni, kheer, kesar pista kulfi, laddu, jalebi, rasmalai and ice cream. It adds tangling flavor in Biryani,Mandi,butter chicken etc. Saffron seasoning also enhances beverages like Kesar milk, zafran tea and various milkshakes.Strand saffron is just the luxury that your food needs.
  • Why Strands is cost-Effective Quality should not come at a heavy price and must be accessible by all the sectors. Our saffron is 100% pure and natural. It is harvested, naturally dried, packed, and brought straight to you, allowing us to provide you with fresh and high-quality saffron. By eliminating the middlemen, we have not only reduced the number of hands that would have touched your saffron and also decreased the cost.